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Faith Stones

Posted in Because I love to write, New writing, poetry with tags , , , on March 4, 2012 by cjirwin

Faith Stones



Push the mourning aside,

Let it carry the gravestones into the night.

We, as He, came to be the light,

Foot set firmly on path, bring again, bring again, my heart sworn to fight.



The Shepard’s pipe sings in my ear,

Calling me away from yawning graves.

Sacred melodies carried through veins bear,

Fruit in my life, faith stones to lead the way.

Lead the way to purpose.



Then let not winters ragged hand deface,

The truth on which we stand.

Let not homage to house of illusion replace,

The stone already rolled away.



Road of purpose, debris cleared from eye,

Lay before us, Lord of my Love for this died.

For that truths sake my feet will move, a difference make.