Heart Eaters – Part Two – Lucy


“Yes, dear?” Lucy answered trying half-heartedly to conceal the drugs in her hand.

“I fed Bobby and Sandra and dressed Bobby for church, but Sandy won’t listen to me and get ready.”

“Oh Violet,” Lucy breathed as more tears came. “You are so wonderful.” She wiped at her eyes.

Violet walked noiselessly to her mother’s bed. “Momma,” she said sitting beside Lucy. “He will come back to us. I just know.”

“How, how do you know my sweet girl?” Lucy said forcing a smile.

“Jesus loves him and loves us.” Violet said matter-of-factly.

Lucy just smiled at her daughter. “You are much older and wiser than your ten years. I’m sorry you have to carry so much my sweetheart.”

“It’s ok mom. Will you be coming to church with grandma and us?” Violet asked hopefully.

“No,” Lucy said standing then heading for her closet and pulling out her nurses uniform. “The Hospital needs me to come in.”

“Momma,” Violet started meekly. “I know you have to work with, with,” she stuttered not wanting to say his name, “father being gone, but seven days a week. Do we really need that much?”

“Um,” Lucy swallowed hard. She didn’t want to admit to her daughter that she was too angry with God to go to church. Abandoned, that’s how she felt. Alone, left to the devices of Hell, that’s what she experienced every minute. “Go tell Sandy to come talk to me.” She instructed, avoiding the question.

The children climbed into their grandmothers car. Violet loved the mint green exterior and white leather seats, it even had a radio, and Bobby smiled as he turned the shiny little knobs.

“Bobby,” his grandmother scolded. “Be gentle.” She turned from her six-year-old grandson with his adorable blond curls and sparkling chocolate eyes. “Are you sure you won’t come my dear?” She said brushing at her short grey curls.

“No I can’t mom,” Lucy said as she dug for change in the bottom of her purse. “I love you though. I have to go or I will miss the transit.”

“Alright sweetheart,” she said and climbed into her car telling Violet and Sandy how lovely they looked.

The cold metal bar was soothing, and Lucy leaned hard against it. How can I be so tired and my day so young? Lucy thought dismally. The transit bumped along one of the dirt roads of Fort Scott Kansas, toward the hospital. As Lucy ambled from the trolley her mind read the large forged letters on the iron gate, Fort Scott Hospital for the Mentally Insane. Every time Lucy arrived her brain subconsciously took in the name, as if trying to warn her, trying to caution her, but another part of Lucy’s brain fought against that self-preservation.

“Good morning Miss Lucy!” A tall young man greeted as she entered the break room. Lucy did not reply. Doug heaved a sigh and ran his large, un-calloused hand through his thick raven hair. “How are your children?” He tried again walking closer his green eyes sparkling in his rounded, fair face.

Lucy dropped her bag in her locker and donned her pressed, white, nurses cap. Turning toward the smiling, virile man she took a deep breath thinking. He is a nice man. You only resent him because he was not drafted. “They are doing well Doug. How are you?” She said with a half-smile.

“I am well,” he said smiling brilliantly. “But how are you?” He asked wanting to tell her to smile. God she is beautiful when she smiles, he thought. His eyes ran along the contours of her face; her delicate chin covered with soft, faultless skin, her full lips set in a perpetual frown, her dainty, pointed, nose, almost child-like, her large, oval-shaped eyes set in soft cheekbones, but circled with dark lines giving the deep chocolate color a desperate look that he wished he could ease.

“I’m fine,” she answered and walked to the schedule board.

“You know you don’t have to work the C. I. Wing every day.” Doug said disparagingly. “Every nurse is required to do shifts in the violent offenders area. You don’t have to do theirs for them.”

“I know,” Lucy said after signing in.

“It’s dangerous Lucy.” He said to her back.

“The other nurses don’t want to do it and I don’t mind. Plus it pays much better, and I need the money.” She said over her shoulder as she walked away.

Doug frowned. She works seven days a week how can she need the money? He thought.  

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  1. Very interesting! It is amazing the different types of writing you do. All of them are wonderful.

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