We Have Forgotten -part two-


I shivered in the cool, dampness, unsure if my body was responding to the temperature or my fear. Seth squeezed my hand tighter, as we walked down the dark, narrow tunnel my dreams had led us to. I know I am supposed to be here, somehow I know. My dreams, the voices, my very insides have compelled me to this place, and still I am unsure of what it is I am seeking.

For days we have been in the bowls of the beautiful and historic city, yet I have yet to enjoy Rome. We have searched and sought beneath it, hardly seeing the light of day. One year I have sought this gift, or so I am told it is a gift. As I wade through the sewers of this city, I wonder how it can be true that I could find here the key to unlock truth of humanity.

Will they find me before I find the truth? The Popes have known about what I seek for generations, but have lacked the knowledge to discover it. Their minions seek me now. Hard on me and Seth they have been. My life has seemed a crazy and sometimes horrible dream since that fateful day in Time Square. I should not complain. This dangerous search for this mysterious gift that I believe God has sent me on has led me to the man who now holds my hand, my true love. I was angry at God at first for giving me this task, but as I accepted His calling He gave me the most wonderful thing in the world; Seth Visigoth.

“Where now?” Seth asked as the tunnel split in two directions.

“The left,” I answered, and he trusted me completely.

“It’s a dead-end,” he said surprised after we had walked another hour.

“It’s not, hit it,” and so we did. Our shoulders ached as we crawled through the small opening. “There it is!” I said as Seth lifted the light high.

“That’s it?” Seth asked a little disappointed. He walked around the simple stone alter that stood in the center of the room, shinning his light and frowning. “There is something on the top. It looks like a Scrabble board with all the letters set on it. Is this what we have been looking for?”

“No, it is what is inside the stone pillar. We just have to open it.” I said to Seth as I looked over the stone letters atop the pillar. I stared, trying to remember. “Damn!” I cursed. “Surely God would not send me this far to be thwarted by some ancient jig saw puzzle!”

“Its Latin, the letters are Latin,” Seth said looking over my shoulder.

“You can read Latin?”

“Yes, I had to learn it in my senior year.” Seth said looking closer.

“What do we do?” I asked excited.

“It looks like we need a keyword or a password of some sorts.”

“A password?” I said thinking. “Remember,” I whispered.

“What?” Seth asked.

“Remember, the password is remember!”

“R-e-m-e-m-b-e-r-,” he said each letter as he pushed it on the stone. As he pushed the final letter the whole stone table of letters fell through revealing the inside of the pillar.

Brushing away the stone, dust and gravel, I found a leather-bound manuscript, which had beautiful Latin script across the front.

Seth read it to me. “The Book of Remembrance,” he paused and swallowed hard.

“What!” I asked. “What else does it say?”

“The Personal Gospel of our Lord and Savior; Yahashua!” He said and turned to me stunned. Reaching to open it I froze, echoes resounded in the room, feet slapping hard on the stone! They had found us!

“No!” I whispered. “The Vatican will destroy this!”

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