The Nightmare of a Memory –Part Two–


Hands pinned above my head, I violently thrashed as I felt his teeth draw blood on my breast. His strong hands tore my dress from color to waist. Knees between my legs, I felt him push hard against them. I fought to keep them together, but was losing the war.

“Oh Great One please help me!” I struggled and screamed wondering how it was possible to relive the horror of that night and find it worse than the first.

 I closed my eyes, desperate to feel nothing.

“Sister,” I heard my sister Aija’s sweet voice and opened my eyes.

Aija stood behind Mikhail, a lovely two-edged blade in her delicate hands. I cannot express the joy I felt as I watched her thrust the sword into Mikhail’s back. I could hear it pierce his fetid heart and rejoiced as blood spewed over my face released by the blade coming through. Dead, gloriously lifeless, the sick deviant plopped to the left of me, mud splashing.

Aija reached for me softly smiling and pulled me up. Then, without a word, she walked to Mikhail, his brilliant red blood seeping, mixing with the cold, dirty water. With a grin and a chuckle Aija kicked his shoulder pushing his face into the mud, the glinting blade in his back becoming erect. She looked at me and looked at the sword; I could feel her, feel what she wanted. I wanted it as well. Two steps brought me to the sword; ten fingers yanked and lifted it high. With all my strength, I swung it down severing his head. With a clank the weapon fell to the bloody ground.

Breaths quick and heavy, hands quivering and eyes red and dry, I turned away from the ocean death.

“Sister,” Aija said, but I did not respond, “Korina, my friend.”

“Aija,” I breathed and fell into her embrace.

“Come, let us walk and sing together.”

I smiled at the pleasantness of the idea. One of my most cherished memories was of walking and singing in the warm summer rain with Aija. It was amazingly easy to leave the horrid scene. Arms around each other’s backs we walked into a more pleasant time, more pleasant memories. My subconscious mind making my sister real and alive again made me want to sleep forever. I could almost imagine that I had never lost her.

Warm breezes moved around the giant raindrops, but could not lift my sopping hair from my neck. Water dripped from my open mouth as I harmonized with Aija.

Her grey eyes sparked as she lifted her arms up toward the sky, her skin glowed, the water picking up light. We skipped, marveling at the greatness of the beautiful land; the bright greenness of the forest, the humming of frogs, and the chirping of the frail blue birds, lost against the color of the sky. Dresses hanging heavy we laughed interrupting our song.


5 Responses to “The Nightmare of a Memory –Part Two–”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I enjoy reading your stories so much! They are so interesting….I can’t wait to read the book!

  2. Awesome!

  3. noothergods Says:

    Very Interesting, you had me up until her sister showed up with the sword…that kind of threw me for a loop. I think I was viewing the context of a story more from the idea of a repressed memory than a dream. It the context of a dream the sister showing makes sense, in the context of a repressed memory not quite so much. The first half of the story I couldn’t stop reading the second half didn’t quite keep my attention as much.

  4. It’s an excerpt from a novel I’m working on. Korina dreams of an experience she actually had, except it is more intense and turns out differently. Her sister is dead and saves Korina from death because her dreams have been manifesting in the natural. A little mix of natural and spiritual. I’m so pleased you read it! Thanks! I love any advice I can get.

  5. I bookmarked it…

    Without remorse I can say that this is my favourite web blog list….

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